You Bash Me As A Mom; Yet Don’t Know The Definition Of A DAD! B&tch Please.

I spent ten years of my life with you. Cleaned up after you just like your mommy did. Made your dinners, did your laundry, and did everything a good wife would do for the man she loved. Our girls watched us get into physical altercations. You’ve tried to turn them against me. You managed to turn all of our mutual friends and family against me. I finally got the balls to leave because I couldn’t handle the lying, cheating, gaming, drinking, and mental abuse.

I left you a year ago. You’ve seen our girls 5 times. You’re a “changed man” now and give your best to your little 18-year-old girlfriend. You’re a worthless man and a piece of sh+t father. You think you’re a macho cool dad because you spent over a grand on Christmas presents for them. I didn’t want to let them go with you for a week for the holiday. My boyfriend, the man who has basically stepped in your empty shoes, told me I need to let them go with you.

You don’t call our girls. You don’t know what their grades are. You don’t even know their favorite cartoon right now. You never really cared or spent time with them when we were married, so I don’t know why I get so worked up over it all now. If I had my way, I wouldn’t let you see them or call them. You only contact them when it’s convenient for you. You bash on me as a mom, but you don’t even know the f&*king definition of DAD! I left you so that I could be happy. It took awhile, but I’m finally happy and MY girls are happy now too. Get a goddamned clue you waste of space.

image- Angie Lealuez