You Broke Me Down So Badly, Yet I Still Love You. I Must Be Crazy!


It’s been four years since you left me without saying a word! We were together for nine years when you just got up and moved out. I KNEW you were screwing your married baby mama that you swore you hated. I KNEW all those years but I ignored it. That’s why I was so jealous, yet you made me feel like I was crazy! You even let her pay our rent with her husband’s money!

I KNEW you were on drugs. I KNEW your mom hated me. I couldn’t have been THAT bad if you stayed with me for nine years. I KNEW that marriage proposal was just because you felt like you HAD to propose after being with me for so long. I’m pissed that my kids loved and trusted you. They will never trust another man again. I hate that I STILL haven’t gotten over you.

You ruined me. You ruined my ability to trust, love, fight, and care. You also ruined my confidence. Now you’ve gotten a “new girl,” and you act like I never existed. It takes all I have to get up everyday. It takes all I have NOT to stalk you on social media. It’s taken all I have to start over. I must be sick in the head to still love you after all that you did.

image: Venturist