You Broke Me, Now I’m Going To Break You B*t*h! Ah, Sweet Revenge! Ha-Ha!


My son’s father is in jail. Before he went to jail he was emotionally abusing me and confusing me. He was treating me like sh*t. Now he needs me. He is sorry. He never meant to hurt me. He wants his family back. So I play along like I forgive him. Like I love him. Like we’re gonna get married. But really, I’m gonna confuse and f**k up his emotions the way he did mine and my kids.

I have been there for him. He thinks I’m going to remain faithful to him for the three years he’s going to be behind bars, but I have started talking to somebody who is really a man. My new man treats me kindly, buys me anything I want, and has a good job. But no one knows this. So when my son’s father comes out of jail, he thinks everything is going to be OK. He thinks he has somewhere to live, and he thinks he’ll have his family. But really, I’m leaving his ass. I guess it’s true, you can hurt people more with kindness.

image: arno.hoyer