You Call Now That Our Car’s Fixed? F**k You. Family Ain’t Sh*t.

Family sucks. So either we are a nuisance, or we’re just not wanted around.  We’re on a fixed income, we’re disabled, and we’re just getting by month-to-month.  We thought family would help out if needed.  Well, our car broke down and we needed rides to the parts store, the doctor’s office, and the supermarket.  Where were you?  I wasn’t asking you for money, just a ride.  But no, you were tired, you just got home, or you didn’t feel like going out anywhere.  Thanks for nothing!

Now that our car is fixed we are hearing from you again.  “Can you pick up…”  So why do I have to cater to you?  You weren’t around for me.  I’m sick of being treated like sh*t by you. Don’t expect to hear from me ANYmore since I’m not “worthy” enough to be around. I don’t need you.

image- grisha_21