You Cheated On Me While I Was Pregnant W/ Our Child. Yet I Still Love You. SMH.

I loved you so much. We got married and I expected that things would only get better. After all, we had a baby on the way. Then you started getting angrier than usual and you became more withdrawn. I was worried and tried to talk to you, but you insisted that you were fine. If you ever divulged anything during this time it was because I pried it out of you. It made me so sad. Then that girl came into the picture. You seemed better, but at a cost. She was all you wanted to talk about. You told me about her life and her shitty boyfriend. If it had to do with her, you were telling me about it.

It was almost like the baby and I were pushed to the side while you helped her out. All I wanted was to spend time with you, and to be with you, but she kept getting in the way. Then our baby finally came. Three weeks after the baby was born you decided to tell me that you slept with her. You told me that all of this time you’d been nervous about parenthood, and instead of telling me you told her. You got closer to her. Then you “messed up” and had sex with her. And when I got upset, you claimed that that’s what you were afraid of, and that you didn’t want to tell me for that exact reason.

If you didn’t want me to be upset you shouldn’t have f**ked her! I can’t believe that you had the nerve to defend her, and to tell me that I shouldn’t be mad at her, and that I should only be mad at you. Now we have a child and a broken relationship, and you seem uninterested in fixing it. What did I ever do to deserve this? What did our child do to deserve this? Seven years we’ve been together, six months married, and I’ve done nothing but love you. Even still, I love you and I don’t know why. You sure as hell don’t deserve it.

image: Jack Shainsky