You Cook With The Pots Your Cats Piss In?! WTF?! You’re Disgusting.

It’s terrible that you’re so dependent on others that if you happen to go more than half a day without contact you’ll start checking in and getting agitated when the people you want aren’t home or are busy. Like everyone’s life revolves around you and your needs. Do you honestly think that people are going to be at your beck and call all the time? Do you think that they don’t have lives of their own? And not only that, but you want things done, and you say you’ll pay, only to later state that you don’t have the money on you. Then you make excuses for days, even weeks, as to why you can’t pay.

You’ll call people claiming that you have the money to pay up, just to get them to come over because you want something done. You’ll wait till they’re finished, and then give them $30 in change. I fail to understand why you think that’s not an issue. You don’t understand why people get pissy with you when you promise one thing then renege after the work is done. And worst of all is the fact that you still b*tch about these exchanges. It’s not like you’re being charged an arm and a leg, and on top of that, you’re the one that offered to pay!

I do not like you as a person. As a person you are beyond lazy. You don’t do anything! That’s why you’re so fat! Standing on your porch smoking doesn’t count as exercise. You are selfish. You want and want, and you b*tch when it’s your turn to give.

You are a nasty person. Your house is filthy! You let your cats use pots as their litter box, then you ask someone to clean the pots so that you can cook with them? Ugh! Your bathroom should be condemned! When I cleaned it I honestly thought the color of the floor was yellow till I washed it. It was dried piss. I threw away those shoes. You shit your pants, and you’ll go to town without changing. That’s why when people take you out they won’t use their own cars.

I honestly think that out of all the people I dislike, I dislike you the most. That’s why I never do anything for you. I ignore almost all of your calls. You piss me off every other time I do answer my phone for you. I get why the others put up with it, but I just can’t. Just the sight of you pisses me off.

Your wife’s last days should’ve been peaceful and comfortable, but you were so lazy that you let her sit in filth for hours before you’d pick up the phone and call to ask someone to come and take care of her. That’s why people went over there so much. They felt so bad for her.

I’m so glad that she was in the hospital when she passed. At least she was clean, fed, and comfortable there. You didn’t deserve what she left you. Even after you neglected her, she still made sure you’d be OK after she passed. And boy are you taken care of. You went on a shopping spree barely a week after she died after you gained access to her bank accounts. You disgust me.

image- fyunkie