You Cried Like A Little B+tch. How Can I Respect You After That?

I left you.  Told you I was done.  You cried like a little b+tch.  Begged me to change my mind.  How am I supposed to respect you after that?  I don’t love you anymore.  Don’t think I have for about seven years now.  I’ll take you back this one last time for our children’s sake.  One more mistake, and here we go again.  Oh and by the way, I’ve slept with three men besides you this past year.  Plan on bringing those numbers up since you’re so self-absorbed in your alcohol and cocaine to pay attention.  I’m not afraid to say you broke me.  You did.  I hope you enjoy the person you’ve made me become, because I sure as hell am gonna enjoy myself. Ha! I already am.

image- Anders Ljungberg