You Destroyed Me, So I Destroyed You. But I Love You Woman! Give Me A Second Chance!


Yes, I screwed up big time by pushing you away when I would tell you to get out if you weren’t gonna compromise. I got tired of arguing over the same things. But you know how I am. I can get over being angry in 30 minutes. I never should have hung our apartment over your head like I have sole authority. For that I am terribly sorry. When you left me on Christmas Eve and didn’t come home, I found out through my nephew, as he saw you at his job, that you were having breakfast with another guy. I was hurt beyond anything I had ever felt before, especially when I found out that it was the same guy who had meddled in our relationship just days before, even after I told him that we were a couple.

So much has taken place since the day you left, and now you say that because of the things I’ve done to destroy certain relationships of yours, you no longer want to be with me. First off, you have not once apologized for the things you’ve done, period. Secondly, I have not told anybody anything that was not true. Nothing. Yes, I’m guilty of reacting to this and fighting for the woman I love. I’m sorry that the truth ruined the way you had pictured it to turn out. It’s just ridiculous to believe that I would just sit back and lick my wounds and say or do nothing so that you two could live happily ever after. I’m sorry that things aren’t working out like you had hoped, but I’m telling you right now that the things I said didn’t have nearly as much to do with messing up your relationship with your best friend, as they did with you cheating on your boyfriend with your best friend’s ex-husband. It’s just sad that you refuse to see that. I still love you more than anything in this world, and I truly wish that I hadn’t done the things I did to push you away and into such a crazy situation.

The decision you made has literally destroyed how many people’s lives and relationships? I don’t even know where to start, and yet you do nothing to rectify any of it or even admit any fault whatsoever. You’re still blaming me for the way I reacted by telling the truth to people. I’m sorry that you hate me, but honestly, how do you think I should feel about you? Yet you act as though what I’ve done is unforgivable. If I can forgive you for what you’ve done, there’s no earthly reason why you can’t forgive me and give me a second chance. If you choose to throw away 15 years of friendship and nearly 2 years together, and everything we’ve been through together, and the things we’ve accumulated together, for that runt piece of trash and those relationships you destroyed and not me, then so be it. It just means that you’ve become something I could never love again anyway. If that’s the case, I’m really saddened by that, but most of my sadness is for you.

I care so deeply for you that it tears my heart out to see you do these things while doing nothing to correct any of them when given the opportunity. You have the opportunity to rectify the most important relationship in this clusterf**k, yet I have the feeling you’re gonna allow everyone of them to completely fall apart. And for what? Pride? The other relationships/friendships are likely unsalvageable, but you do what you think is best. Though ultimately I deserve that second chance, and you know it because you have admitted it to me more than once.

image- Muffet