You Engaged Yourself To A Married Man & Now He’s Back W/ His Wife And Kids. You’re So Stupid.

You silly stupid woman.  How could you, even for a minute, think your games were going to work?  Cutting him off from his family, his children?  You really thought you were cute there for a minute, didn’t you?  Well how cute do you feel now?  He has gone back to his wife, his family, and where does that leave you?  How do your children feel?

Remember, I told you that you didn’t know him well enough to call him “daddy” to your children.  Poor little things.  You were warned, you were told, and in the nicest way possible too, because really I’m just a bystander.  But you asked.  And I told you.  Open your eyes.  His actions will tell you.  If you had just looked. If you had just listened.  You and your children could have been spared a ton of heartbreak.  But really, what did you think he was going to do?  We are his family.  His children are his family. All the make-believe you can conjure does not even begin to stress that bond. 

You were right about one thing, we HAVE all been laughing at you.  We just couldn’t help it.  Some of the things you come up with are completely absurd.  We tried to be nice, and you proved pretty quickly that you weren’t interested.  Faking parenting with one of his, to get close to him, while rejecting the others.  How’d that work out for ya?  Sucking up to some people in his family, trying to alienate others.  How’d that work out for ya?  Cutting off the children, or trying…see, you underestimated him.  You thought he was the type of guy who would abandon his family and rescue you from your own private hell.  I told you he wasn’t that guy.

Did you think you knew him better than I did?  Did you think I was jealous?  Do you think he would have been available for dating if he was worth having at the moment?  Did you think his sisters would steal him away from you?  Or was it the wife?  He may have been separated, but not even legally separated, and you proposed to him?  You tried to engage yourself to a married man?  Honey, he couldn’t be engaged to you because he is still married to his wife.  Whom we all love.  And no woman will ever change it.

Even if they split again, she will ALWAYS be family.  That’s what two decades of family bonds will do.  And any woman he WOULD ever settle down with would have to be like his wife, a badass chick who loves the entire messed-up family tree.  Because we come as a package, like it or not.  And now you’re out.

image- Daniel E Lee