You Got Preggo While Cheating On Him. He’s Done W/ You B*tch. He’s Mine Now!

I always had a bad feeling about you. You kept popping up everywhere on my boyfriends, and now you’re popping up on my husband’s social media accounts. You couldn’t get over the fact that he was with someone that he was actually happy with.  It’s your fault that you cheated on him and got pregnant. It’s your fault that you don’t know who your kid’s father is.

I knew you had issues. But continuing to message my husband that you love him and that you’re moving near us, on top of your numerous visits to our hometown, is getting really creepy, disturbing, and desperate.

You’re blocked on all of our social media accounts, but I have a feeling you’re going to cook up a way to reach my husband again. Don’t bother. You’re nothing but a cheating psycho to him. Leave our happy family alone.

image- {Charlotte.Morrall}