You Hang Out W/ “Friends” Who Disrespect Me? I’m Your WIFE Moron!

You don’t help with our son at all. It’s annoying. My house is a disaster, and you tell people it’s my fault!!!! F++k that!  Do some damn dishes yourself on your days off while I’ve been working, and you’ve been home kid-free sleeping, eating, playing games, and smoking pot all f++king day. I work my ass off to help pay off YOUR loans.

You disrespect me, and hangout with “friends” who hate me because I already left you and took our son with me once, and you played the “poor me” card. F++k that! I don’t trust you with him because you have a short temper and no patience. Also, because on multiple occasions you fell asleep while caring for him!!!! Yes, I’m the ungrateful selfish b+tch in the relationship. Get off your f++king high horse and realize how damn good you really do have it with me.

As far as your friends go? They can f++k off and not see our son, because if you’re willing to let them disrespect me, but still request to see OUR son, and you let them, then that right there is disrespecting me yourself! I would love counseling, but you refuse. I’m at my wits end and really am considering a divorce.

image- miss pupik