You Heard Him Being Bludgeoned To Death And You Did Nothing?! How Heartless.

The neighbors said they heard him screaming, “HELP ME. PLEASE. HELP ME,” in his garage until they heard nothing more from there. Ever. Nobody called the police, and nobody said a word. Even when for three days, two strangers packed everything he owned into a U-Haul, sold what they could along the way, and then buried him in a shallow cement-coated grave two states away.

But he was always that weird neighbor. He never cut his lawn on time, so you’d call the authorities to pop him with a fine. Now his home is vacant and unsold only because a murder happened there. The lawn still looks like s**t, but there’s nobody to blame now. Why did everyone who cared about him look for him for months until his body was found? You clearly heard what happened that night. Why did you refuse to care about the human life that was taken away next door to you? Why did you refuse to do anything at all to help? You care more about your property value than the desperate cries of your brother next door. And for that, I f**king hate you.

I drive by to see your trimmed summer lawn, and I want to burn it with gasoline and my tears. Have you ever even touched yellow caution tape? Do you know the stain it leaves on your hands and heart forever? Half a roll of it has the ability to transform all that you thought was true.

The love of my life was bludgeoned to death in his newly bought home with a hammer. But nice azaleas neighbor. F**k your flowers and the “deaf” ear you turned to his desperate cries. F**k your apathy to anything that doesn’t immediately affect YOU. When the “high-profile” crime came to light, you were willing to tell ALL to the reporters. You even told them about the strange words desperately screamed from next door the night he died. His FINAL words. I got to read them in the newspaper days after his body was found.

He was full of good words when he was alive. You wouldn’t know though. Because you. just. don’t. even. know. how. to. care. You are scum, and only second to the two shit stains who orchestrated this horrid crime. The murderers managed to take his life and mine with it. You neighbors will be the ultimate reason I put a bullet in my head. Who wants to live in a world where both murderers and neighbors are so apathetic?

image: Kyknoord