You Killed Me, Now Rot In Hell C**t. With Your Flappy @ss And Stank Pu**y.

I simply can’t take this anymore. My best friend is dead. A week later you left me again. You somehow managed to force yourself back into my life by reaching out to family and friends when I ignored you, hoping and eventually texting me at a time of weakness. Once you came back, you led me on, and then out of nowhere you flipped a switch and then left me again. You are a terrible person for all the pain and agony you’ve made me feel in the last five f**king years. A person can only take so much pain and suffering until it all just isn’t worth it anymore.

You are the reason why I am no longer happy. YOU are the problem. I hope you are f**king happy because you win. You have killed me you f**king whore. You never deserved me or my family. I am no longer your doormat. Maybe I will live to see another day, maybe I won’t. Either way, I will never f**king put up with your b*llsh*t again. C**T. You were a whore when you first met me, and you still are that same nasty, flappy ass, smelly f**king pu**y that you were before. Rot in hell. I really hope you see this and wonder if this post is about you, because if you are thinking it could be you….it most likely is.

image: sobermusings