You Molested My Daughter & Abducted Our Kids. I Won’t Rest Until I Get My Babies Back!

You have made my life a living hell. I could say so much because you have hurt me so bad over the years. I married you thinking you were going to protect my daughter and I, and instead you molested her while I worked, two years after we said “I do.” I even had children with you, and you kidnapped them and ran, and I haven’t seen you or them since. I hate your guts, and I hope and pray everyday you haven’t hurt our babies the way you did MINE! I know you’re going to hell when you die and I wish for it.

My children are growing up and they will look for me, and I will tell them the whole truth. ALL of it. I hoped before you ran that you would have gotten caught and sent to prison, and then get what you deserve and NEVER walk out of that prison alive. When I think about you and how YOU ripped my kids from me and ran, I get sick to my stomach. It’s been years and I still hate your guts. I will always hate your guts! But I will NEVER give up searching. I’ve been close to finding you a few times, but apparently we had a snitch in our midst. Well not anymore, so you better watch your back!

image- TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³