You Neglect Your Kids To Be W/ A Woman That Uses You?!? LOL.

Why won’t you listen to me before she ruins your life? In your case, love really is blind, deaf, and dumb too. She is using you because you buy her everything she asks you for. You have only known this woman for five months and you have spent thousands of dollars on her.  She is with you every second and doesn’t spend any time with her own child.  Your own children don’t spend any time with you anymore.  When you are at work she is calling and texting you.  She always has to be the center of attention.  She won’t let you talk to any of your friends, yet she is texting other men.  You have alienated all of your friends and family for her.  When you are broke and alone it will be too late. Wake up! Your friends and family are fed up!

image- MUTEvibe