You Never Really Loved Me, But I Was A Real Friend To You B*tch! Tears.


I love how I thought I was your friend. I loved you, and I was nice to you, at least that’s what I thought. But you didn’t love me. You never did. You were faking it. You said I was a terrible friend. You said I made your life miserable. I’m just done with you, because you always make me feel like crap whenever I’m depressed. You never help me, you just bring it back to yourself, but whenever you’re depressed I have to help you. I feel like you never really did like me, you just wanted to be my friend or my best friend so that I wouldn’t be lonely, because I didn’t have any friends. I believe your dad really did like me, but you just never wanted me to come over. You made my life one heck of a ride. That’s for sure.

image- Linds 🙂