You Said I Was A Friend That Was More Like Family To You. Hmmm. Way To Show It.

I hope you feel good about yourself. Ripping my life out from under me at an already low point in my life with no job and no money. Guess you felt a home and friends weren’t deserved either. My dad only said I could come back later on… I was looking at being on the corner with the rest of the bums. But hey, I guess being kind, caring, supportive, helpful, nonjudgmental, accepting, and there for you, your son, and everyone else whenever you wanted something warrants it. But you’re right, an overly possessive, pill abusing, crazy ass bitch whom your whole family dislikes and who you say “is not your girlfriend,” is a much better choice than a friend who has consistently been there for you … oops, did I say friend? I meant doormat. My bad. You said we were such close friends that I was more like family. Way to show it.

image- rucko fotografie