You Should Have Stopped When I Said, “NO, IT HURTS.” Child Predator.

You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you. My life has been a living hell. Has yours? You stole my innocence, and you should have stopped when I said, “NO, IT HURTS!”   You used manipulation, coercion, and power to control every aspect of my living being. Guess what? I’m now healing and speaking out about the sexual trauma that I lived through. Nobody can silence me anymore.

It was molestation, rape, sexual abuse, and incest (what you did to me)! One day when you come to the end of your life you will have some explaining to do. In the end, at the end of my healing, I will forgive you. For now I’m left with the mental effects of it (PTSD, anxiety, and depression). PTSD is not fun to live with. I can actually feel you on top of me. Yep, it’s that horrific. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for it all. I know it sounds crazy, but I am. Without it I wouldn’t have the strength and courage that I have today.

I parent differently because of you. When my girls were thirteen I protected them from individuals like you. I wish my mother did that for me, but she pushed you on me.  So go ahead and block me. I just wanted to have my say. It hasn’t been easy living my life being a survivor of incest, but one day, I’ll be just fine. You will never hear from me again, unless you read my story somewhere someday. I’m a survivor!

image- Elements Of This World