You Terrorize, Tease, & Degrade Your Mentally Challenged Employees. F**king Sociopath!

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You have a job where you are in charge of a group of very hard working mentally challenged women. Instead of inspiring these people and appreciating all they do for you, you choose to degrade them, make fun of them, and tear them down. They come to work everyday and give you everything they have, and you take advantage of them! You force them to work long days and nights. You make them work nonstop with no breaks, no meals, and no sitting down or resting for even 5 minutes for 13 hours straight! You are abusive!!

They are all so afraid of you that they won’t even speak up for themselves and inform the hospital what is going on in their kitchen! I have seen you take these girls into your office one by one and scream at them! Every one of them leaves your office in tears!! When you pulled me into your office, I sat quietly and listened to you talk in circles like a manic bipolar person. I thought maybe you were bipolar, but I was wrong. You are a sociopath!!!

You have NO feelings or compassion towards anyone. You love seeing people cry. The more they hurt, the better you feel. You should be ashamed of yourself! Everyday I go to work I pray that HR walks in and escorts you OUT! Eventually all of your lies and abuse will catch up to you. I hope I am there to witness your downfall.

image: lookcatalog