You Told Dad On His Deathbed, “I Was Hospitalized Too You Know.” Burn B*t*h.

Do you remember what you said when dad was on his deathbed? You said, “I was hospitalized too you know.” Well, I don’t f**king care! Sure you got some mental illness, but that doesn’t make you disabled or anything.

Dad didn’t get proper medication for his cancer because of you. He said, “Who’s going to take care of my daughters if I’m not home?” Well, if you had just stepped up and been a mother instead of a whiny b*t*h, he wouldn’t have died! You don’t even shed a tear for everything he’s done for you.

Now you’re burdening your old parents. They gave you everything that you don’t even deserve; yet you still yell and whine at them. I’m sick of being your mother, when you should’ve been that for me and my sister.

image: Jess Pohlman