You Took My Baby From Me. You’ll Pay For That. You Sick Twisted Cowardly F**k.


You didn’t even want her. Your mother talked you into letting her put the nursery in your house and into giving her your last name. You never even felt her kick. You were sneaking around seeing other girls while I was home with our newborn. You never even bothered to check on us. When I told you I wanted to leave, you begged me for three days to give you another chance. So I did. Because I loved you, and because I wanted to do right by my daughter. I told you for months that I was lonely, and I begged you to just sleep in our bed. But you wouldn’t even touch me unless you were drunk. But I loved you. So I stayed.

But when I had the audacity to talk to an old boyfriend on FB a few times, you decided that I was a whore and an unfit mother. You and your evil family ambushed me and used your money to hire a lawyer, and began the process of taking my child away from her mother. You came home every day pretending that everything was good. You knew I wouldn’t have money for a lawyer because I stayed home with our baby while you worked. Just as you wanted. And when you took my baby from me, you didn’t even keep her yourself. You left her for weeks at a time with your mother.

You use our baby to punish me because I bruised your ego. I have to beg you to see her unless it’s convenient for you. You don’t care how this affects the baby as long as it hurts me. You’re a narcissist, a sociopath, and a coward. Your own friends tell you that you are wrong and that you are hurting our child, but you don’t care. You have no respect for the mother of your child. Your family has no respect for me.

You all think that because you can quote scripture that you are Christians. You’re not. You are evil. I’m not going to stop fighting until I have my child back with me, and when I do, you can bet your sadistic @ss that I’m going to show you how it feels to have to beg for time with her. She’s going to hate you for all of this. Because I am her mother and she loves me. You are all a bunch of sick twisted hypocrites, and I can’t wait to start giving you what you’ve given me. F**k you. All of you.

image: Kamaljith