You Treat Me Like S**t, But W/O Me You Would’ve Committed Suicide. Ugh OK. FU!


I’ve been helping you with your problems for two damn years. I’ve forgiven you many times for all the insults and lies you have thrown at me. I even forgave you for breaking our friends group into pieces! We used to talk every single f**king day, but you ruined that for us.

You’re always pissy and b*t*hy at my best friend (my ex-girlfriend too) because she confessed before you did! You hurt her and b*t*h at her even if she never b*t*hes back!

And you also lied to me for two straight years. You’ve made me feel like a miserable piece of s**t. I always thought my advice and kindness went past you and went right into the trash. I always thought it went through one ear and out the other. Almost as if I gave you nothing at all.

But supposedly my advice and kindness has been working on you. Yet you still act the same way? Depressed, sad, gloomy, rude, and b*t*hy!

And to add insult to injury, you played a “prank” on me by saying that I’m a shi**y f**king friend. You also said a lot of other horrible s**t about me too! That’s utter f**king b*llsh*t! To treat me like that all for a good f**king laugh for you and your f**king friend. Yeah, hahaha. How f**king funny is it that you nearly ruined your friendship with the only person who dares to help you not kill yourself?

I have saved your life countless f**king times, and yet you still treat me rather poorly. I have every damn right to insult you back and to be brutally honest with you. And you damn well know that without me, you would be bloody f**king dead right now. Lying in a coffin inside the cold hard ground. Somewhere in North Carolina.

image: Forsaken Fotos