You Tried To Have Me Jailed And Committed. Sigh. F**k You, You Sick Twisted B*t*h.


I’m so tired of trying to fit into your life. I worked my @ss off for five years. I cleaned your house, fed and washed your dog, and took care of your baby. I did all of this while maintaining straight A’s, being on student council, and playing three sports. I worked my @ss off year-round, and had to go home and listen to you bth and moan, all while having to impress your family.

When I tried to leave you, you’d get pissed and would shut everyone out of my life. You’d make me feel secluded by making me feel like no one cared. When I tried to get out again, you tried to get me sent to jail for the stupidest s**t ever. When that didn’t work, you said that I’m “mental,” and you tried to have me committed. When that didn’t work, you got pissed and kicked me out. Your reason? Because you were “dating a black person.”

You know what? F**k you and your high class little family. I’m happy. I feel sorry for you because you’re a toxic person. When a toxic person can’t control the people you’re around, they try to control the way people see you. Well guess what? I now have people who see me for me. They also see you for the sick twisted bth that you are. Stay out of my life!

image: ksunderman