You Troll Craigslist Casual Encounters & F**k B*tch*s You Don’t Know. F**k You!!


I’ve been with you since high school! 20 years. I’ve put up with sh*t from you that I never would have tolerated from anyone else. I was still a teenager when our son was stillborn. You didn’t care. I gave you a daughter. You’re a wonderful father, just a shi**y husband!

You troll Craigslist casual encounters. You f**k people you don’t even know on business trips. I’m not even allowed a male friend. Hell, I’m not allowed any friends. You wait till that girl turns 18. I’m divorcing your sorry @ss. You’re a sex freak, and I hate you! I wish I could cheat on you. But I have more integrity.

image: Caitlinator