You Want Forgiveness After Abusing Us All These Years? F*ck Off F*ck Boy.

You f//king prick! All the s//t we went through, and now you expect me to just play fair. You gave me beatings, broken bones, sprains, and body and joint pains. You put fear in my kids.  Now you say that you found faith and God and that you are no longer a user.  I watched you use for the past fifteen years all the time.

You found God? It’s like ya’ll have been playing the longest game of Hide-and-Seek. Now you want to put faith in your faith. F//k off f//k boy.  God created me to forgive, not to be stupid.  I watched you break the children down with your words of hate, and now that we escaped you want them back.  Good luck finding our address and fighting us in court.  I have been saving up your money for this for years.  Who’s the retard now?  I guess I’m not as stupid as you thought I was.  And don’t even get me started on the witnesses and the photos. I just regret that I never left you sooner. 

My children deserve better than your loser ass.  Go ahead and tell everyone how I took your children away from you.  They knew me too, and they’ve seen the bruises, casts, and the black eyes.  They’ve seen our kids hide in fear from you.  We aren’t scared of you anymore.  We sleep well not worrying about you getting drunk and burning us to death in a house fire. We no longer have to deal with you touching the daughters of my family members, and your lame ass lawyer sh*t, wasting our lives and killing our souls.

Karma will get you for what you did to us.  But don’t you f*cking dare try to talk your way back into our lives, because we smile all day now. Not just when you can see that we are happy.  We smile because you’re gone.

image- Stefano Mazzone