You Want ME…To Help YOU…Date My Ex?! Drop Dead C**t.

Literally screw everybody! People suck. Learn that now kids. I get that relationships end and new ones begin, but this is just wrong. Why would you ask me how to get my ex to like you?????? You are, or you were, literally, one of my really good friends.  Well F**K you.

You knew what he did to me and how much that hurt me. I don’t care that you like him. It’s the fact that you came up to me and asked me HOW TO GET HIM. Like, what kind of person does that? It’s messed up if you ask me. The fact that you didn’t even ask me if I’m okay with this, is screwed up, and just proves my point about everything else. I’m always the one to help people, and they just stand by and do nothing, except for some people, but definitely not a lot. But definitely some.

GOAL achieved. You got me mad. Now let’s see how this is going to turn out. I can be a bitch when I want to be, or when I need to be. I’m so confused and mad.

image- MarioMancuso