You Went Back To Your Abuser?! Don’t Call Me For Help When He Beats You Again.

I can’t believe you went back. I believe in love and making things work, but not when it comes to abuse. I would never encourage someone to make up with someone who was abusive. When I look at him, all I remember are the stories you told me. It’s like you created a monster and now you want me to pet it. It’s like you want me to pretend that he who was once a devil is now a saint. Pushing you down the stairs, punching you in the eye, and almost choking you to death. That’s a lot. More than I could ever forget.

I know God is real, and I know people can change, but some people you have to love from a distance. Baby daddy or not. I can’t keep up with the madness anymore, but do you. Do the family thing. I know that’s why you are fighting so hard. If something happens this time, don’t call me. Someone else can do CPR on your heart. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are just people who pretend well enough to get what they want. He’s pretended very well in the past. Maybe you’ve forgotten, but I didn’t, and I never will.

I don’t trust him as long as I can see him. It’s sad to be this way because we were so close, but you are a big girl now, and I can’t stay connected to someone who continuously hurts me. In other words, he abused you physically, but he also bruised me emotionally. Quite frankly, I’m still healing. Please let me be.

image: Ralf Steinberger