You Were A Bad Best Friend, More Like A Fake Friend, But I Still Miss You

I hate the way you treated me.  I hate the way you lied and acted like my best friend.  But most of all, I hate that I miss you!  Ugh.  Why did you have to go be so two-faced?  Why did you have to lie to me?  I was supposed to be the only one that you could tell your crazy thoughts and shameless actions to!  We were seriously best friends.  We got each other.  The greatest memories were made when we were together!  I just don’t understand how you could turn into such a hateful and pathetic person.  I wish things didn’t go down the way they did.  I wish I could have told you that I missed you too that day.  I can’t.  I can’t get over being hurt by YOU.

image: Lucyna Malinowska