You Won’t Drive Your Elderly Mom & Dad To Appointments Because You’re 2 Busy W/ Bingo? Girl Please.

I have a sister in law who is on welfare.  Has been her entire adult life.  No want for a job, says she has anxiety (social phobia), and can’t get a job.  It’s actually laziness, as she has no problem going to bingo or shopping in a very crowded grocery store.  She drives her parents to appointments a couple times a month and says she can no longer do this as she is way too busy and her anxiety is getting worse.

Her brother (my husband) and I live an hour away, we both work 40+ hour weeks, and are raising 3 kids.  She says she is too busy to get a job now with the time she spends with mom and dad, and the “hosting” she does for an online bingo site.  Yes, cause that is so much more important than getting your ass up off the chair and looking for work.  She whines and complains that she never has any money, expects her brother and I to drop everything for her and change her tires, help her move, with absolutely no payment at all, and we barely get a grunted thank you.  Almost like it’s expected.

My husband and I have worked our arses off to be where we are.  We aren’t rich by no means, but we are at least at the point where we don’t have to worry about how the gas bill is being paid.  She seems to have this idea that we need to share, ummmm NO.  I have suffered from depression and severe anxiety for the last 20 years.  Has it been easy?  HELL NO.  And I am not going to take the last 20 years of my struggles and share my successes with her when she won’t even f’ing try.

image- Keees