You Wounded Me So Deeply. Fuck You B***h.

F**k you b***h. We had something special. You were my first love, but I moved away. I texted you after you begged for us to keep in contact. It was all going well, and I planned on going to Tukee to surprise you. I figured we could hang out, but I saw you fucking with another dude.

You convinced me to make the choice to wait until we could be closer in proximity and together more often. I ended things immediately. Then you got your friend to tell me that your personality has changed for the worst because of me. I felt horrible, I apologized, and I offered my friendship to you. You verbally spat in my face.

You ignored all contact with me until I was most open to be hurt. Well fuck you. I tried, but I’m still not over you after several years. I don’t deserve this. Fuck you C*****!

image- SimplySteff,