You & Your GF Are Still Trying To Kill My Vibe After 5 Years?!? Pathetic. Die Now.

It’s been five years since you kicked me out of our home of fifteen years so you could move your girlfriend in. Five glorious years! I’ve been in a new relationship for the last two and have never been happier. I don’t think about you nor do I talk about you to our grown children. Yet, every few months you and your girlfriend stir up some kind of b*llsh*t to feed our kids about some way that I’ve wronged you. I’ve had no contact with you for five years!

The kids bring your drama to my house after getting pissed off at the false information you’ve fed them. These scenarios upset my life. Our oldest sees you for who you are and that’s why he no longer talks to you or brings the grandkids around you. That’s not my fault! I wish you no harm. Just leave me alone and keep me out of your minds. I do have this to say: I hope you two make each other as miserable as you have made me the last twenty years!

image: Gareth Williams