Your 5 YO Son Can See Through Your B*llsh*t. You Worthless Piece Of Sh*t.


What kind of mother tells a 5-year-old, “Daddy left us,” “Daddy is a bad man,” or, “Daddy is trying to take you from me…”? Why are you lying to him? When you actually allow scheduled visitation according to the agreement you and a judge signed, he tells us everything. He is five and he doesn’t believe you. He sees through your b*llsh*t. I see it as emotional abuse. It’s parental alienation and you need to get mental help. You have violated our rights and hurt him for the last time.

You keep pushing for court, and we are OK with it, because we know a Guardian Ad Litem is going to tear your @ss up, and a judge is going to take away your precious “primary.” You say you’re not trying to keep him from his dad, but in the same mediation meeting, you said that if you knew his dad had rights you would’ve filed for full custody. You need a psych evaluation, you’re f**ked. Your mouth is digging your own grave, and I cannot wait to go to court, you petty pathetic sorry excuse for a mother. I hope they go as far as putting you in jail for breaking the visitation agreement.

Your son isn’t an object, you worthless piece of sh*t! He’s going to grow up one day and read all the texts and see all we tried to do. He’s also going to see all you did to spite us, and he’s going to rightfully hate you. I cannot wait!!!!!

image: Philippe Put