Your Cheating Produced A Baby! Respect Me As Your Wife Or Kiss My Ass As Your Ex!

You f**king cheated on me and produced a child from it.  Now you want our children to meet him? WTF!?  I’ve told you “no” hundreds of times, but to make life easier for you, you think they need to meet. Why do I have to be the bigger person? We’ve been together for sixteen years, and this child is six f**king months younger than our daughter. Why should I make this easy for you? Do you not care how much this hurts me? Our kids are too young to understand how this happened right now, but they will know!

Your dirty little secret should be kept just that. A dirty f**king secret that you have to deal with. I’m really starting to hate you for all of the disrespect that you show me.  You CHEATED so many times, and because I’m still here, you think I’ll always be here.  Well surprise you POS, I won’t lower myself to your level, or to the level of your fucking whore!  You want her, then go!  She seems to be winning this anyway, by you wanting to add the child to my family.

I do not blame the child, or would I ever hurt him, and you know that.  I am a strong person, so you keep pushing the limit that I’ll take without exploding on you.  I’m not stupid, I’m just a damn fool that truly loved you. I sacrificed my own self-respect while you played around time after time and blamed me for your infidelity!  Are you serious fool?! I did not make nor allow you to cheat! I had no self-esteem so I ignored all of the signs.  I’m older and wiser now, so I would advise you to grow the f**k up. Respect me as your wife or you’ll kiss my ass as your ex!!!

image- A. Blight