Your Drug Abuse Will Kill You. And You’ll Be Alone When It Does.

I have stood by your side for over four months now.  I’ve been faithful, loyal, and honest.  You have lied, and you call your ex and lead her on, then lie and tell me you don’t.  I’m pretty sure you cheat on me, but I don’t have proof.  You continue to use drugs and you don’t care that you’re ruining the best thing you could ever have. Myself and our family.  You are so mean, and you are not the person I fell in love with before.  But even still with all that, I still want you.  I’d still marry you right now.  I still want a baby.  I think I must be the stupidest person alive cause I can’t let go yet.

Even though you are not here now, I wish you were.  But I want you to know one thing:  I never cheated on you before.  Whoever told you that lied.  The baby was yours and I’m sorry I couldn’t have it.  I’m glad I didn’t cause of where we are today, but I am sorry I didn’t as well.  But I swear to you, I never cheated on you.  But I’m not going to wait much longer.  I love you.  I always will.  But I will move on soon if you don’t stop what you are doing.  I will try to be with someone who respects me, and I will always wish it were you.

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone, cause you seem to think you can keep me here hanging forever.  But I can’t let you do that to me.  It’s not ok with me, and I deserve better than what you have given me this time around.  I actually hope that you go to jail so you can get better and I won’t have to give up on you.  But time is not on your side.

Just know that I’ll always love you though.  And I love you more than she does.  She didn’t want you before you got back together with me.  She just doesn’t want you with someone you loved more than her, who loves you more than she could.  And she doesn’t want to see you happy when she’s so miserable with your former best friend.  Some people are just like that.  I wish you saw that, but you are so far out, you don’t even see reality.  It’s sad really.  I hope something changes soon.  Cause you are acting like a stranger.  The drugs are going to kill you, and you will be alone when they do.

image- Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas)