Your Facebook Posts Are Making Me Sick

I am so sick and tired of people posting all their lovey-dovey, fake ass, cheery f++king verbal garbage on Facebook.  If I have to see one more thing about your oh-so-great boyfriend, I’m going to find you and sh+t on your love-struck face.  Or one more “like” so your fat baby can win a damn contest.  Or pictures of your hundred dollar bills spread out.  You either deal drugs or just cashed your tax return.  Nobody cares.  Or how about all the times people post that they went to the gym?  Congratuf++kinlations.  You ran 3 miles today?  Whooptyf++kingdoo. 

Who did these people brag to before Facebook?  Did they call all 200 people on their “friends” list one by one?  NO, because all 200 of these people aren’t your friends.  They’re just f++king nosey.  You think they give two sh+ts that you baked brownies today?  Or cleaned your house?  NOBODY F++KING CARES.

image- TravOC