Your “Friend” Called You A Failure & You Still Kiss His Ass. FOH. Do Better.

How can you sit there and continue to be treated like sht? They walk all over both of you! You’ve been told that you’re a shtty friend, and you’ve been told that you’re a failure, and this is all coming from a longtime “friend?!?” Yet you guys still kiss his and his wife’s ass? What the hell for? How long are you going to continue taking his abuse? And yet here I sit, as a true friend, never asking for anything and constantly supporting you, and trying to undo some of the mental damage they’ve done, and I get pushed to the side for them when she finishes sucking up to him?

Seriously? I love you, and you know that, but I will not pretend to like either of them. I think they are horrible people who just use and abuse you and your wife, and I cannot sit by and just watch it happen. It’s time to get your balls back, because the old you NEVER would have accepted his behavior.

image- gareth1953 Cataract Creating Chaos