Your Punk @ss Let Your Ex-Wife Publicly Play My Position. WTF?! F**k You Coward!


You chose your ex-wife to be the one closest to you during one of the hardest times of your life. I was hurting too. I wanted to be the one there for you, but you discussed it with her, and allowed her to play the role of your wife for all of our friends and family to see. F**k you. Maybe this time you can be the one she cheats with instead of on. I’d rather be alone than to feel the way that I do now. Were you thinking about her as you were using me to f**k away your grief?

We were just starting to reconnect and you cast me aside. This wasn’t about the kids. This was about you not ever drawing the f**king line when it comes to her. If this is how you act in public, how do you two act in private? I should know better than to trust a man who has every electronic device locked down. I should know better than to trust a man who freaks out if I touch his phone just to move it. Go back to her. She has the meal ticket man from her current marriage. Just f**king go back to her.

image: tomxcoady