Your Sperm Gave Me My Biggest Joys, You Cry Baby D+ck T+tty Sucking Mommas Boy

You little cry baby d+ck titty-sucking mommas boy.  You think you got me beat and broken down?  F++k no.  If anything you just keep making yourself look bad while I get to watch how low and worthless you can be.  My only regret is that your sperm gave me my biggest joys.  I think you deserve Father of the Year for that!  Taking my kids from an established home and school cause I am “unfit.”  You may have stuff I don’t, but at least I got my own place that’s not charity from family.  With that being said, I also could care less about you and your lard ass whale c&nt homewrecker relationship.  It’s not worth my time even bringing it up.  It’s just sad and pathetic.  I think you, her, and your family all deserve each other.  But PS, you may have him now, but you will always have my seconds.

image- bark