Your Suicide Wrecked Us. We’re Healing. Getting Better & Moving Forward.

I’ve finally moved on, and so has our son.  We are finally doing so well. I’m tired of feeling guilty for being so happy that I’ve moved forward from the wreck that you left us in.  I will always love the man that I knew way back when. But that’s not who you were when you left us by your own terrible final choice…that Saturday.

You made your choices, and now I’m finally emotionally able to make better ones from here on out.  I don’t have it all figured out, but we are loved so much now. We are cherished again, and we are learning to trust another man who’s so often so much like you.  We will never forget you, we love your memory, and we will hold it down here on earth!  You keep us in your sights from above.  You owe us at least that! 

Your son needs your guidance now.  I know you see him struggling with losing you.  But we are the ones who will cover that now.  How could you abandon him that way!?!  I’m still so f*cking mad at you.  You know exactly what you’ve caused. But you don’t win! We do. Because we get the choice to live every day!

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