You’re A Christian Man? You Drugged Me!

I helped tutor you.  I thought we were sort of friends.  We were in the same class together.  You were trying to hook me up with one of your coworkers. So again, I didn’t think there would be any awkwardness.  But that’s me.  I trust people way too easily.  And it is my own fault for allowing you to do what you did to me.

One day after we were finishing up in the lab, we both decided to go to your house to study and possibly drink.  It was all going well until you put something in my drink and I became really out of it.  I still remember what you did and it is so repulsive.  You are thirty years older than me and you’re going back to college, where I am just a nineteen-year-old college student making her way through.

I thought I was being a good person by helping you.  And then we talked about God.  And I thought you were a good Christian man.  Well, apparently I was wrong.  I’ve learned a good lesson though.  And that is not to trust people.  Because people are really never who they seem to be.

image- rick