You’re A Filthy Lazy Loser Who Sits On A Throne & Treats Me Like Sh*t. Bye B*tch!


I bust my ass for you, clean up after you, do extra sh*t for you every f**king day when I have my own business to attend to, and yet, nothing is ever good enough for you. I make two extra stops on my long ass drive home and get you EXACTLY what you asked for, and it’s still not f**king good enough for you because you have five-thousand imaginary rules for how everything has to be done. I do your f**king dishes because you’re too lazy to do them. I watch your dog, I clean and organize your cabinets, and I take out your trash. Yet, all of this STILL isn’t good enough for you.

I go to school and I go to work, and you always find a reason that I have to come right home and tend to you. I never get to watch what I want on TV. You never even ask if there’s something I want to watch. You know damn good and well that I quit smoking, and yet, here you are, sitting in the damn living room smoking, when I’ve asked you to please smoke in your bedroom. You leave your mess everywhere you go and expect me to clean it up.

I’m so sick of this sh*t I could vomit. And you act like this is some type of goddamned indentured servitude, when I’m doing this sh*t to help you, not to be f**king taken advantage of. I can’t f**king wait to move out of here. Just what exactly are you going to do then? Hmm? Probably sit on your ass and wonder why no one is cleaning up after you. Enjoy this sh*t while it lasts, because I’m so close to done with this sh*t. I can see the f**king finish line.

image- Evil Erin