You’re A Sh+tty Mom, And You’re In Denial. Sober Memories? B+tch Please.

You disgust me. To pretend that you don’t know who your own granddaughter’s father is, just to get attention from her when you haven’t seen her in twenty years, is pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re always acting as if the world owes you something. I’ve got news for you sweetheart; no one owes you a thing. If anything, you owe your only child a lifetime of amends. If you don’t think that abandoning your son once was enough, honey, you’re sadly mistaken. And to think, you continuously abandoned him! Suck it up and take a listen to how horrible you were from the one you affected the most.  Someone who was supposed to be completely dependent upon you, and the one person who loves you the most (though I have no idea why).  Let him tell you what life was like from his perspective.  All you do is bring up your sober memories. Take a good listen to the real memories he has. The ones that haunt him to this very day! Shame on you.

image- joseloya