You’re Educated & Accomplished. But You’re Still A COWARD Ass B+tch!

I hate you. I hate everything about you. But mostly I hate that you made me believe you felt it too. You swept me off my feet, went out of your way to make me love you, and you made me feel like the most special woman in the world. And the moment I fell for you, you pulled away, and let me fall into nothing. You lied, and the lowest form of lying is making someone believe you love them when you don’t. And then you didn’t even have the balls to return my sh+t in person. Instead, you’ll MAIL it to me? Really? You lack the balls. After talking a big game, and making plans, and going out of your way to woo me, you can’t even meet your ex-girlfriend in a parking lot to give me my Backgammon set and DVDs? Just because I’m perfectly capable of kicking your ass doesn’t mean I will. Some of us have morals and standards to uphold. Thank God you’re a teacher. So good for today’s children to learn that cowardly men come in all shapes and sizes. Even college-educated triathletes. Good job.

image- Erik Daniel Drost