You’re Evil, And Because You’re A Psychopath, It’s ALL Unbeknownst To You! Sigh.

Dear Ex,

It’s been almost 5 years since I had you arrested for attacking me. Quite frankly I should have called the police way sooner than I did. Make sure that when you tell people that I don’t pay child support, you also tell them that it was you who gave up your right to child support if I dropped my request for alimony. Also, make sure you inform your current mate that you were physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive towards me, and that is why I left you.

You insist on making yourself out to be the victim or the hero. Whichever suits your situation. You are neither victim nor hero. You are a psychopath. You fit 16 of 18 traits. It’s always someone else’s fault, never yours. You brainwashed my children into believing your story. Thankfully they have grown to see how evil you really are, and because you’re a psychopath, it’s all unbeknownst to you.

My current spouse has outdone you in every way. Better looking, better class, better at everything! You clung to me all because my parents have money. That became so obvious during the divorce. Thought if you could brainwash the kids that the money would come along with them. How’d that work out for you?? I’m living very well, and I’m happier now than I had ever been with you! Stay miserable you lying parasite! By the way, I’ve seen your new mate, BWAHAHAHA!!

image- paulaloe