You’re My Stepdaughter & I Hate You. You Miserable, Lying, Special Ed, In Therapy, Cunt B*tch.

I never in my life could’ve imagined a more miserable being. You’re my stepdaughter. I’m supposed to love you. But I hate your f**king guts. If I could track down your miserable junkie biological mom, I’d sign over custody of you like yesterday.  You’re still very much a child. But I don’t see a child when I look at you. I see a manipulative, lying, stealing, scheming, c*nt.

You have recently taken to abusing your brothers, both biological and step. They deserve a better life than the damn miserable hell you’ve created here.  I’ve come so close to taking your brothers and divorcing your dad so many times that it actually scares me. I’m the only person who has ever given a sht about you in your miserable existence. Therapy, medication, special education classes. All for your punk ass. And for what? All for you to be the same little miserable btch that you’ve always been.

I hate you. You will not ruin my marriage. You will not continue making your brother’s lives miserable. I’m done with you and so is your father. I don’t care if the state takes your ass and puts you in foster care. Go f*ck someone else’s life up, because we’re done!

image- keith ellwood