You’re Not A Feminist, You’re a FEMINAZI!

You claim to be a feminist upholding women’s rights.  Cheering when the equality divide gets a little closer and the paychecks are nearly identical.  But don’t mention children.  You claim equality is what you thirst for, but that’s not what you want.  Telling other women that a man has no say in the future of his unborn child really gets under my skin.  You tell women to lie, sneak around, and abort without him even knowing.  That’s not equality, and the “my body, my choice” logic equates to nothing more than, “I’m selfish, but hey, it’s socially acceptable.”  If you can force a man to be a father, then the same could be said if the gender was swapped, if you were in fact a feminist.  You’re a feminazi.  You make the rest of us real feminists look bad.

image- david_shankbone