You’re Not A Stay-At-Home Mom. You’re A Welfare Queen. And You Disgust Me.

You are NOT a “Stay At Home Mom.” You get welfare, food stamps, government housing, furniture vouchers, clothing vouchers, gas vouchers, utility allowances, and everything else the local DHHR offers.  Meanwhile, I’m pinching pennies by working two jobs.  My feet hurt so bad by evening time that the throbbing doesn’t stop until sometime in the middle of the night.

I get so sick of seeing women post on Facebook that they are “Stay At Home Moms,” when they are either single and working the system, or in a relationship/married and working the system.  As a single mom who works 72hrs a week, which is a reduction in hours, women like you disgust me.  I could do the same thing, but I have pride in myself, and I want to show my child that hard work pays off.  Every single second I have free goes to my child.  Even the drive to daycare.  We talk, sing, and are silly with each other.  Our evenings together.  My one day off together.  But half of these “Stay At Home Moms” rarely see their children.

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