You’re OK W/ Your Son Disrespecting His Mother (Your Ex-Wife)? WTF Is Wrong W/ You?


It’s been years since we’ve spoken or even seen each other, obviously, but I’m compelled to send you this message. Julie may be your ex, and you very well may hate her, but for you to involve your son in whatever dispute you have with her is wrong on so many f++king levels.  I thought and believed you were above that kind of torture.  No mother or father should ever use their child as a weapon or a tool to convey hate. It’s so unbelievably selfish and downright mean on your part, and does nothing but hurt the child. No kid should ever treat their parents the way you are allowing BLEEP to treat Julie. 

Julie loves him and BLEEP with all her being, and you know this to be true. You should be the voice of reason and the voice of discipline.  He’s lucky he’s not my kid, because he would be eating through a goddamn straw if he spoke to me the way you are allowing him to speak to Julie. I’ve seen the texts from you and him, and it’s truly disgusting. How the f++k can you call yourself a parent? And how do you sleep at night? Parents give their children boundaries and rules; otherwise kids grow up to be entitled little jag bags with no respect for themselves, let alone others.  Kinda like how you’re acting now.

Your beautiful daughter was crying so hard because she is witnessing this b+llsh+t you are perpetuating with BLEEP.  How do you think that’s affecting her??? Or how will it affect her future relationships with men??? Let me tell you Jim, your beautiful girl will be destined to a life of heartache and pain if you don’t f++king put an end to BLEEP’s shit now!! Also, how do you think he will be?? How will he treat women?? Will he respect them and treasure them, or treat them like disposables?? Maybe even beat them?? Who knows?? All I know is they learn from what they live and see, and you are showing them that the woman that you shared a life with and created two lives with is nothing more to you than a piece of sh+t.

My breath has probably been wasted in this message because I lived with you, and I know what a goddamn stubborn hardheaded @ss you can be.  But I’m hoping that the man who mourned his sister’s death so heavily, and who loves his mother so fiercely, will listen to something in this message and fix sh+t NOW!

image- Adikos