You’re Pathetic Disgusting Parents. Once I’m 18, I’m Out.

If I’m being completely honest, you are both pathetic disgusting excuses for parents. Maybe not by legal standards, after all, you did put a roof over my head and food in my mouth. But, you will never understand the fundaments of true parenthood: unconditional love, forgiveness, and unwarranted trust.  Because what are kids to do? We mess up to learn, even if that means learning the same lesson multiple times.

I was never allowed to learn because I have never been allowed to mess up. One or two cracks in the foundation of your trust towards me has always meant the whole building crumbling to the ground. I am done trying to be enough for you, because I am enough for me, and I am enough for this amazing person I have found who forgives and trusts me. Even though by your standards I don’t deserve an ounce of his trust, love, or time.  You shame me for forgiving the mistakes of the man I love most in this world. Pathetic. Moreover, you have pushed me into the lifestyle that I enjoy leading.

You can look down on me all you want to at this point, but my core values of strength, trust, and forgiveness, stem from your massive shortcomings as parents.  I get that you will never understand what it’s like to love the way we do. I am going to live the life I desire, and be happy the way I choose to be. I do not need your methods to achieve happiness, and I do not need your approval to be complete. I will be out of your house and your grip the second I turn 18, and you will be lucky to ever see me again.

image- tompress