You’re Sober, But You’re Still A Mega C*nt. I Hope You Die Cold, Alone, & Helpless.

I have always had a certain dislike for you and your husband. You’ve always been unable to put the bottle down and do something for yourself. The fact that you would rather not eat for a few days because you are too fucking lazy to go to the store, or even order pizza or something, is sad.

Stop manipulating your daughters. Everyone may forgive you with your newfound sobriety, but I haven’t forgotten what a mega c*nt you were.  You being sober doesn’t mean that you’re no longer a c*nt. It means you’re a sober c*nt.  You honestly are one of the worst people I have ever met.  I hope you die alone, cold, and helpless.

Your husband is just as big a c*nt as you.  He hates you too. I’ve watched him cheat on you, talk sh*t about you, and I’ve even heard him say that he regrets his past thirty years with you.  Every one of you in that house is f**king nuts. I’m glad I was able to take one of your daughters away from such a toxic living environment. I hope you suffer a long unloved life. But you will leave me and my family alone!

image- Kathleen Tyler Conklin